My brothers and sisters

My brothers and sisters are my best friends Professional wrestlers Well-meaning hair dressers Thieves and benefactors Highly trained combat Personnel and the deadliest Ninja ticklers on the planet They can stick their foot right in Make everything better with a hug They are tour guides, nurses, Rock stars and paparazzi Teachers, snitchers, Button stitchers Pillow, […]


I wish my mother was strong. Like Boudica or Athena, Like Aphra Behn or Margaret Cavendish. Self-possessed and brave. With meaning. With character. With passion. I would accept those in place of love. A mother connected to her surroundings, Sensitive to her emotions and open and willing To share herself. A mother I could be […]

My Grandma who art in Bradford

Water rhymes with batter, Cook rhymes with duke Your pantry is a cathedral Of desiccation and sprinkles We call the glory ‘ole. Your wisdom is linguistic joy You’re not forced to know the answer In hope there’s two chances Not many T’s in your language When I’m with you I talk like you My grandma […]

Grandad Fox

Gerald Fox A Teddy-boy in your time Ginger afro and brothel creepers Sharp suits and nylon shirts This one I iron With daffodils and geometric shapes That you bought in America in ’72 Today you are Out building a bonfire To celebrate your wedding anniversary Now as you did back then Old jumper, sleeves rolled […]