My brothers and sisters

My brothers and sisters are my best friends Professional wrestlers Well-meaning hair dressers Thieves and benefactors Highly trained combat Personnel and the deadliest Ninja ticklers on the planet They can stick their foot right in Make everything better with a hug They are tour guides, nurses, Rock stars and paparazzi Teachers, snitchers, Button stitchers Pillow, […]

If you talk proper

If you talk proper You lose the bond The closeness Of really belonging Like when my grandma Would say Our kid, Our Leslie, Our Paul, Our Bethany, Our Scott, All of us belonging Like possessions Owned and hers And when you talk proper It’s not right to add ‘Our’ To folks names Which is sad […]

Harold Wilson, Bradford boy

Strong, silent grandad. Head a grey Elvis quiff. Far away eyes. Always ready for a cuddle. So quiet. So still. But ask him about his youth? Eyes twinkle, lips smack, Made a fishing rod from scrap, Manhandled onto a trolley bus, Old ladies tutt tutt, Off fishing with a mate Down Bradford beck Out till […]