Widening participation

Widening participation Hands off me and my education Disadvantaged Having potential Judge me fit for retention Subject of and subject to Bright and disadvantaged How dare you I am differently advantaged I am different But I want to join the club The same as everyone else I feel unworthy I feel wrong But then those […]

My rubber dinosaur

Even before she left My father’s time so precious When I got some I cherished it One day we visited And wooded walked National Trust Leaves, acorns, birds Two kids in wellies Me and my brother A treat in the gift shop Very rare and so exciting Dinosaurs in soap eggs Oh we were mad […]

This will not be popular

I hate football I hate glossy magazines Fill your head with dross Keep unthinking Stay drinking Alcopops Talons and tans Towies, xfactor, soaps I don’t give a damn Wash away your brain cells Ease the pain of living. You masses of nothingness You uncaring, unfeeling monsters. The wonder of humans Wasted on us Wasted by […]

To the North

I must improve my confidence said North to South one day. On no, said South convincingly, you’re where the mad folk play. You don’t think me harsh, cold and barren? Questioned North. Those are your strengths said South. You are Other. That’s your worth. Outsiders cannot understand you North, but everyone sees through me, I […]


I wish my mother was strong. Like Boudica or Athena, Like Aphra Behn or Margaret Cavendish. Self-possessed and brave. With meaning. With character. With passion. I would accept those in place of love. A mother connected to her surroundings, Sensitive to her emotions and open and willing To share herself. A mother I could be […]