May bug

May bug 3-year grub Grubbing The tuber In the dark Waiting Or hesitant For a morsel Of sunshine To walk The earth To stretch Wild wings A mere 8-week bug A short visit You fly You mate You die Hello Goodbye.   Jennifer Winterburn


Pigeons Those scruffy little city dwellers Ganging up And flying in the face Of diversity Scrapping over a Greggs pasty With the power to stop Those zombie commuters in their tracks Heads down and bobbing Oblivious You are late for work No they wont move Go around Or prepare to be feather slapped Sometimes they […]

Gratuitous guilt

Gratuitous guilt Self sabotage Internal agonising   Self forgiveness Responsibility for others Survivors guilt Intention intuition   They say stop being so hard on yourself As human as the rest of us   Forced upon you   High Self ideals Emotional punishment   Self subjugation Self degrading   Self contempt You should have   Unconditional […]

Supermarket mills

Supermarket mills Threads of customers Slave to the machine Spending is leisure An eternal Mobius belt Of crap Of chemicals Of want Of a poor death The noise The public Bip Bip Bip To every blink Wherever you look Adverts assault Frozen reformed life.   © Jennifer Winterburn

My brothers and sisters

My brothers and sisters are my best friends Professional wrestlers Well-meaning hair dressers Thieves and benefactors Highly trained combat Personnel and the deadliest Ninja ticklers on the planet They can stick their foot right in Make everything better with a hug They are tour guides, nurses, Rock stars and paparazzi Teachers, snitchers, Button stitchers Pillow, […]


MRI The drum n bass Of the medical world An interruption of Old computer games Pow Pow Pow Zum Zum Zum Di Di Di Di Di Button bashing Kick a box Vibrations tugging And I lie still Struggling to breathe Chest crushed Cold flushed In a superwoman pose One arm out flying My hospital cape […]


I’ve had some colds I even had cancer once But what was a shock Was how easily forgot Those sick feels The vomit drain The skin sting The please please stop now Of the really sick days So forgettable Yes I was sick But it is gone And I have come to realise It is […]

Those old poetry dudes

Those old poetry dudes They could sum it all up Make a share of society Shared feels Shared lives Shored up Today we stand alone Individuals on individuals So special We can’t connect Or won’t Not sure yet But it’s habit forming When everyone shares Online On-life No one wants to share Offline Off-life My […]

Childhood games

Childhood games Rollerskates Rollerblades Monopoly with dad Bikes shiny new From grandparents For xmas Playing animals On the planes Or dinosaurs Playing libraries Sellotaping Tiny card slots Into Ladybird books Borrowing my Parents first cd/cassette/radio player And scripting and recording Our own radio shows Swings slides Bouncy balls For hours Dens under beds Under tables […]

Bradford Jesus Man

Bradford Jesus Man Jesus’ man Happy with that name Because he was Jesus’ man Geoffrey Brindley Hemp smock Always Jesus’ fashion Walking the streets of Bradford Not so preacher man But gentle peace radiator Smile and wave Sparkling eyes Be kind and present Be friends and people Connecting in kindness So little in the world […]

Arm tickle

Arm tickle Brush over Small sensation Look and see A tiny speck Of fluff… With legs Sprung out Each side Sorry spider Sits crouched On the table In the centre Of a gigantic Room I Wonder where You’ll make Your home Resting from The brush off You pick Yourself up And trundle Across the Tablecloth […]

If you talk proper

If you talk proper You lose the bond The closeness Of really belonging Like when my grandma Would say Our kid, Our Leslie, Our Paul, Our Bethany, Our Scott, All of us belonging Like possessions Owned and hers And when you talk proper It’s not right to add ‘Our’ To folks names Which is sad […]

When it happened

When it happened It consumed all Coating everything in sight Filling our mouths With new words We talked only Through the film For a year It held us captive So close to losing what was And when it released us Sliding back down We lost our language The framework was gone What was left was […]