Flooded Aire valley

Flood Keighley, save Leeds

Flood Keighley, save Leeds

That 100 years flood

When next it flows

River Aire having a stretch

Well it is her valley

And so the Keighley flood planes

And so the Keighley planes flood

An awesome waterworld ready for swelling

A greater good are fields sacrificed

The greater good that is Leeds

The Leeds of wealth and tax dodging

The Keighley of industry and job dodging

Do you know they still make things there?

Things you can hold in your hand

Things made by a skilled human

Wielding tools and using brains and hands together

But let’s drown them out

The ultimate other

The cesspit of the drain that is Bradford

And measure the Worth another way

Oh Haworth is nice

But Keighley isn’t worth any state-of-the-art defence 

Let Keighley sponge the filth and detritus

Leeds spend 100m on flood defence

60m investment in Keighley is shut down

Investment to benefit Keighley?

And so a Solomon’s choice?

Jobs for Keighley or dry homes for Leeds

Jobs or homes, jobs or homes

We can’t have both up North

It isn’t a choice

Economically significant indigenous money

Or homes wrecked possessions destroyed

So pitted eternal against one another

As London take take take

The environment is useful here

They say use brown sites

They say 

And they should

Build somewhere else

Somewhere else

Leave K-town to drown.


© Jennifer Winterburn

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