The motorway hot flumpf flumpf cars pass

Overtake our campervan with splashing tar tyre slurps

And the grasshopper in the grass we pass

Stridulate their singsong

Altered by Doppler to monster truck exhaust

Like a race of Beetles chasing us on the verge

Chirrup changed

Slowed and elongated and layered and gathered

And so whizzing past

We hear the flat 4 of the Volkswagen engine

And we laugh because beetles is beetles is insects the world over.


© Jennifer Winterburn

2 thoughts on “Doppler

  1. I’ll miss the balloons Jenni but if it means you’ll be posting a poem more often it’s good.
    Your poem ‘Campervan’ is still in the back window of mine as it has been since you posted it, so it’s been on some long journeys including 4,500 miles to Romania and back. Unfortunately l cannot handle the van any more so it will be sold but I hope a new owner will keep your poem.


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