We had PVA glue

We had PVA glue

Art class

Before they cut that

Still low on stuff

But PVA in abundance

Glue nothing to nothing

And using tiny plastic shovel spreaders

Dip and glue

Your masterpiece

Sometimes the last kid didn’t clean up

You pulled out

An entombed spreader

More glue than plastic


But the delight

On peeling back

Unveiling a pristine spreader

From a translucent flexing mould

Nothing compares

And did you ever

And did you ever

Spread the PVA upon your palm

Then wait

Blow and wait

Turned down palm

As teacher passed

Waiting for white to clear

And you flex your palm to see if it set

And peeling

And peeling

Gently at one edge

Ticklish and almost grosslike dry skinlike

Peeling away your delicate palm print

Fine as cobweb

Hold it there a second

Floating circle

Admiring the palmscape

Of watercourse and contour line

Your small world

In the palm of your hand

Roll in a ball

And flick.


© Jennifer Winterburn

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