My last post was October 2016…

…I have still been writing poetry, but I didn’t feel like sharing. Opening up. Had enough of exposure. Wrong kinds. Wallowed a little in myself. Could blame Tamoxifen body shocking. It was easy to cut myself off. No one noticed. I feel a bit more myself now, slowly day by day, if anyone wants to read a poem they might start showing on this half abandoned feed. Hey there to all my old friends, I’m still breathing.

6 thoughts on “My last post was October 2016…

      1. Indeed – brain addled! I’ve often thought of you on the way back from Airedale, where they look after me very well. I usually come back through Silsden. Hoping for a reasonable chat with the consultant so that I can drive to Romania again this summer, but not in the camper. Can’t handle that long a journey in him anymore. He still has your ‘Campervan’ poem in the back window.

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  1. Yes, I am still in Silsden, nice to think of you passing my way. I can’t believe Lofty is still sporting my words, that is amazing! We are thinking of taking our T25, Charlie, to Ireland this summer for a few weeks, though I cannot imagine travelling as far as Romania with her; such adventures you’ve had. I hope you get the go-ahead from your consultant, fingers and toes crossed for you (argh cramp!)

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