We barely recognise ourselves

We barely recognise ourselves

Years of running wild

Too poor to get the right kit

Rubbish waterproofs

Letting in bog water

But having fun anyway

And here we are

With our proper outdoor threads

With a real good rucksack

And we can’t stop giggling

Because now we are proper

Real total fraggles

Oh yes

Fraggle sticks for us

Fraggles marching uphill

With the right equipment

We’re flying along

And we barely recognise ourselves.

© Jennifer Wilson


7 thoughts on “We barely recognise ourselves

  1. Biggest frustration with my health situation is that adventuring like Travelling Matt, or even Gobo, is beyond me now despite having “the right equipment”, though I never have gone for “Fraggle sticks”. Still make it to the Chevin from time to time though (Timothy Taylor’s!).

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    1. I can truly understand how frustrating it is to not have the energy you feel you should. Even though I am only taking Tamoxifen now, it makes me stiff and grumpy some days. I have found that “Fraggle sticks” help me eke out those extra steps, but I still feel like an impostor when I meet a ‘real walker’! Timothy Taylor is all the encouragement I need too 🙂 I am glad you are still getting out for small adventures, they are so underrated!


  2. Jenny the word-witch,
    All suited and booted.
    Jenny the word-witch,
    All fitted and kitted.
    Jenny the word-witch
    All properly sewn up.
    Jenny the word-witch
    A proper grown-up.

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