The Velcro of the modern world

The Velcro of the modern world

Catches sticks tugs

At me every way I move

Trapped fly paper glue

Backlight blind

Battery anxiety

Screen protector society

Wipe clean and go.


© Jennifer Winterburn


3 thoughts on “The Velcro of the modern world

  1. Oh, this rings a bell!
    Just looked at your reply to my comment way back, in April. Regularly pass through Silsden on my back from Airedale, eg last week when the news was so encouraging that it got me blogging again, more regularly I hope. Trying to hype myself up today for our writers’ club (Writing on the Wharfe) performance at the Ilkley Literature Festival ‘Fringe’ this evening. First time I’ve ever ‘performed’ any of my stuff in public – scary!

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    1. Wow, you are so brave! Was it fun? I really hope you enjoyed it! It looks like you were in your element! I stand in front of students and talk at them a fair bit, but I really don’t know whether I could perform my own words. A local gig too, nice 🙂 Looking forward to continuing to be entertained by your wordings. I am so happy to hear you won’t need chemotherapy and I really enjoyed your Haikus! Thanks for making me smile today 🙂


      1. Really enjoyed it so even dared to put the video clip of my performance on the blog (or, rather, a link to it). What really made the evening for me was on the way out a member of the audience grabbed me to say they really enjoyed my three haiku and wanted my blog address to read more. ‘Fame’ at last! I think usually haiku are too brief to be taken in when read out but for the fringe thing I put them line by line up on the big screen as I read them and I’m sure that helped.
        Not sure whether I’ve escaped chemo – I’ve been called back early, next Monday, but don’t know why.
        I thought I knew were a librarian so didn’t know you have to ‘perform’ to students. You really should give them some of yours!


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