One ear blocked

One ear blocked

Distorted water world

One ear bombarded

Where two shared the burden

Brain friction

Background buzz

Distract and distort

Abstraction alone

Isolated ignorance

Interpretation imagined

Sound confusion

Not like being abroad

Not like anonymity

Just lost and alone

In a sea sound soup.


© Jennifer Winterburn


4 thoughts on “One ear blocked

  1. Hello Jennifer. Way back in January you commented on one of my very rare posts on ‘grumpytyke’ since I became ill, after you found a Facebook page I created for a campervan trip. I’ve been meaning to reply to you ever since. Basically I have a similar health problem to that about which you wrote so eloquently when I first began to follow your blog. Your campervan poem is still in the back of Lofty and yesterday was in the latest daily post on a ‘blog’ which I have been able to keep up for the past six months or so:
    I hope your ear problem is a bit better.

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    1. Grumpytyke I am really sorry to hear that your health hasn’t been great. I am sorry we share less pleasant things than just our love of Yorkshire, real ale and Campervans. I wish you more good days than bad, and many happy distractions. Your Romania trip looked absolutely wonderful! I can’t believe my poem still graces the window of Lofty; that makes me so happy. We moved house in July 2015 to Silsden after a tough few years, and I realised I had become less and less active online, I wanted to make contact and see what adventures you were having, so thanks for letting me know you’re out there 🙂 Blip looks great, I will follow your antics there now. Sending you my very best wishes for 2016 xxx (the ear thing was thankfully only temporary, but after weeks it starts to get boring!)


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