I’ve had some colds

I even had cancer once

But what was a shock

Was how easily forgot

Those sick feels

The vomit drain

The skin sting

The please please stop now

Of the really sick days

So forgettable

Yes I was sick

But it is gone

And I have come to realise

It is the same with poverty

So forgettable

Left behind in another life

That day I couldn’t get food

That day I had no bus fare

All that time trapped in non-life

Suspended without cash

That’s a shared thing

Between the healthy and the rich

You forget the bad times

It’s not that bad

So forgettable

So with empathy

The sick help the sick

The poor help the poor

Because the rich

If ever they were

Cannot even recall

That thing so forgettable

Being poor.


© Jennifer Winterburn

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