Childhood games

Childhood games



Monopoly with dad

Bikes shiny new

From grandparents

For xmas

Playing animals

On the planes

Or dinosaurs

Playing libraries


Tiny card slots

Into Ladybird books

Borrowing my

Parents first cd/cassette/radio player

And scripting and recording

Our own radio shows

Swings slides

Bouncy balls

For hours

Dens under beds

Under tables

In corners

Forts castles caves

Meccano lego

Fuzzy felt

And puzzles

Play Doh

And always


It was better

Felt tip pens

And colouring-

in books

Usborne books

Where’s Wally?

Magic eyes

Tonka toys

And remote

Control cars

Pet hamsters

And gerbils

With their own

Toys too.


© Jennifer Winterburn


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