Arm tickle

Arm tickle

Brush over

Small sensation

Look and see

A tiny speck

Of fluff…

With legs

Sprung out

Each side

Sorry spider

Sits crouched

On the table

In the centre

Of a gigantic

Room I

Wonder where

You’ll make

Your home

Resting from

The brush off

You pick

Yourself up

And trundle

Across the


Climb down

The flowing

Edge and

You’re on

Your way!


© Jennifer Winterburn


3 thoughts on “Arm tickle

  1. I’ve been watching a spider outside my window for about 2 years now. First noticed with a body the size of a 12pt full point. Now he/she is the size of a 12pt ‘o’, plus legs, from catching much bigger flies in a cunningly strung web, wrapping them up and eating them. Glad he/she is not a lot bigger!

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    1. Spiders are amazing! Sometimes they surprise me, which I don’t much care for, but they always fascinate me, especially those giant lumbering house spiders! I have a special spider-catching pint glass + Timothy Taylor coaster to help them on their way, and once in a while I find one too big to fit! I am so glad we don’t have those giant beasties like Australia 🙂


      1. I use my Timothy Taylor coaster for my Yorkshire tea and, as this evening, for a g&t. It’s getting tatty so a trip to a TT pub is called for – any excuse in this weather!

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