I am the… Library

I am the

Clashing fashions of clothing behaviour headphone music

Accents voices language mixed up

In one place for many reasons

I am the

Smells girl sweet perfume boy bad BO

Sneaked in hot meals

Pizza boxes juice bottles sweet wrappers

Overflowing from bins

I am the

Speed trip to grab that hold

Pay that fine then

GO! Shopping pub work

As the library slots in neat

I am the

Daylong session food for the long haul

Shoes off and under the table piles of books

Shifting papers laptop screen

I am the

Different ages the different lives the different reasons

Any help they need

I am the

One week to hand in deadline

One hour to hand in deadline


I am the

Pace of learning doing supporting

I am the

Never alone zone the cog in each academic year

The seasons of learning in the academic year

I am the Library

Organic response to the demanding lover, the University.


© Jennifer Winterburn

3 thoughts on “I am the… Library

  1. Great to see you back – your previous post was back when I was somewhat indisposed and I was wondering how you were. Your campervan verse is still in the back of my Bay and yesterday took a trip to Malham; I wasn’t able to drive him for a few months following the previous op at the end of January and he’ll be off the road for a couple of months after the next one next week. But – about ‘I am the’: great to learn more about you – super reading and, as Eddy says, “Great pace”.

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