When it happened

When it happened
It consumed all
Coating everything in sight
Filling our mouths
With new words
We talked only
Through the film
For a year
It held us captive
So close to losing what was
And when it released us
Sliding back down
We lost our language
The framework was gone
What was left was nothing
What was left was everything
Silences and heartbreak
For a year
We were trapped
And yet free we were lost
We were free but mute
We mourned the passing
Where did it go
And why did we miss it
And then slowly
Too slowly and so painfully
Letting the blades slip
Through our laced fingers
We let go
And held together
And stopped missing it
And now looking back
We are safe with it
We hate it carefully
We store it safely
We speak it softly
And only through love
For it nearly broke us
Could have taken us
And that day you cried
Was the worst day of my life.

© Jennifer Winterburn



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