If I eat cheese

If I eat cheese

And I think

Will this give me cancer

Then just thinking it

Could make it so

And so if it comes back

Must I always wonder

Was it the dairy

The wine

Not enough a day

Of what I should

Too much should not.


© Jennifer Winterburn


2 thoughts on “If I eat cheese

  1. I’m pretty sure that if it was proven cheese was the cause of my cancer, I still couldn’t give it up. I probably eat cheese every day and I’d say it greatly adds to the quality of my life. Long live cheese! I do know that feeling though, always wondering if I’m doing something wrong or could be doing something better. I haven’t really made any major changes, because I don’t really believe that I did anything “wrong” to cause my cancer. Although maybe that’s just my justification to keep eating cheese and candy and all sorts of other crap… 🙂


    1. Thanks Steph. I agree, I REALLY love cheese, more than, well, anything. I wrote this poem to remind me, I cannot worry, there is no point. Lack of control is unpleasant, but I can control my happiness for the most part. My cancer was not caused by anything I did, but every now and again the guilt monkey comes visiting, so for a moment I wonder, but yes, the quality of the life I have is really important! Long live cheese! 🙂 x


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