My rubber dinosaur

Even before she left

My father’s time so precious

When I got some I cherished it

One day we visited

And wooded walked

National Trust

Leaves, acorns, birds

Two kids in wellies

Me and my brother

A treat in the gift shop

Very rare and so exciting

Dinosaurs in soap eggs

Oh we were mad for dinosaurs

Wished we were Diplodocus T-Rex and Pterodactyl

We played dinosaurs all the time

So we were very excited indeed

Dinosaurs in soap eggs

We bathed and washed

We washed and bathed

Slowly revealing the baby dinosaur

Birth! The victory!

We held our little

See-through rubber dinosaurs

And we loved them

I wanted to keep mine

With me all the time

I took it to school

And lost it

I cried and cried

I shuddered and

My heart just snapped



On teachers knee

My best teacher ever

Somehow made it worse

My… D.. A.. Ddy…

Breathe now

G. Got it for m..

The tears soaked us both

He comforted me

Your daddy won’t be mad

Not realising the investment

I had in my little rubber dino

All that washing and waiting

This precious gift

From my father’s precious time

With me

Meant more than anything

And my heart hurt

The same feeling a year later

Only it was my mother

We lost somewhere

After that I was more careful

With my things.


© Jennifer Winterburn


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