Blind white blackness

Mind body soul oppress

Floating haze of gnarled broken

Scream cry agony unspoken

Steaming sweating seething

Sharp soft sharp sting

Eyes roll

World scroll

Tongue lashed

Brain smashed.


© Jennifer Winterburn


4 thoughts on “Sick

    1. Yep, kind of a bit of everything! This would be the follow up to my poem “germs”. Working in a University Library we are currently experiencing the annual Freshers Flu epidemic! Wish me luck!!

      Aren’t you lucky? Migranes are some kind of psychedelic nightmare 😦


      1. I did have Asian ‘flu way back – the only time in my life I’ve felt really ill – lucky I am I know very well. (I honestly thought I would not survive then). Is freshers ‘flu as bad as that? Coincidentally today I got the annual letter from the doc telling me to come for a ‘flu jab. I ignored it for several years but I’ve taken it for the past few and no winter blues!


      2. Yikes. Though I’m glad that’s as bad as you’ve had it, it still sounds nasty! I also got my flu jab invitation, joy, following chemo you can have reduced immunity. Regardless I am getting that shot! I have had flu only twice in my life, but it’s awful and if I have the choice I will go for the stick! Keep healthy! 🙂


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