This will not be popular

I hate football

I hate glossy magazines

Fill your head with dross

Keep unthinking

Stay drinking


Talons and tans

Towies, xfactor, soaps

I don’t give a damn

Wash away your brain cells

Ease the pain of living.

You masses of nothingness

You uncaring, unfeeling monsters.

The wonder of humans

Wasted on us

Wasted by us

Such potential

Drug induced normality

Death cars, violence protection

Who cared about you?

So why care about anyone.

I want apartheid between kind and selfish people.

It’s not so simple.

It’s all so tiring.

Why do I need your crap in my face,

Every TV channel.

Music video.

Every website.

Every street.

Vile. Unforgiving. Disgraceful.

Freedom to be a loser. A shit. A creep.

Thanks future now.

Worth the wait?


© Jennifer Winterburn


3 thoughts on “This will not be popular

  1. Well it’s certainly thought-provoking; you might be right that it won’t be popular though, but you do have a few likes I see.
    Thanks for following my new blog about Menston village (forgot I was logged into it so did my ‘like’ from it; I’ll do nother from grumpytyke when I get to that. I’m off to talk to someone with something new in a few minutes so should have a new post this weekend. It’ll be good when it gets indexed by Google etc but that takes a few weeks.


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