Welcome to the start of your new life

Welcome to the start

Of your new life

Step inside

Take a ride

I don’t want a new life

I cried

Everything changed

Altered, deranged

Degraded, derailed

All points failed

My life was just fine

My life was all mine

This new one’s imposed

The old door is closed

I’m still me I scream

It’s like living a dream

A nightmare


One that won’t end

But let’s just pretend

It never happened

Not so easy for me

Scarred, crazy

You see that I smile

I can do that a while

But alone

On my own

I wonder where I went

I missed the descent

No rescue party

Somewhere I abandoned me.


© Jennifer Winterburn


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the start of your new life

  1. Omg.
    This poem resonated with me. I am in tears. I feel it, I’ve felt it. I totally get it. You spin only a few words and there you have it…right to the heart! I never wanted to be part of this club, yet here we are. (Use that in a poem for me). However, the optimist in me says… It was for a reason.
    It’s like when I became grateful for the childhood I had…I was able to help students in my class who went through similar pain or embarrassment.
    The cancer gift for me, was to publish a book. The pain for me is not being able to fully do what I want -with the same zest. Cancer. The worst gift in disguise.


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