Saltaire Roundabout



Foot down

Fling round

Horns sound


That’s sixteen

Twirling swirling lanes

One mini moundabout


Ahh they say

Saltaire roundabout

Easy to get madabout

People shout

Get out get out

Of my way

I’m late for the day

Fly on fly off

Close my eyes

And they’re off

Near misses

Car kisses

Millions daily

Racing or hesitating

What’s your style?


Cut in late?

Please calm down

We can all get round

Be agile as the trout

Careful, don’t jut out

Or have a blowout

Just a smooth burst out

To avoid a clout

Without a doubt

It’s Saltaire roundabout


© Jennifer Winterburn


2 thoughts on “Saltaire Roundabout

  1. Went through it twice yesterday and, amazing, seconds! I think the ‘roadworks’ warning signs have made a lot of people avoid it. Mind you, Lofty’s not worried about his paintwork. What’s the betting the ‘improvements’ don’t improve things at all?


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