Heavy like

Heavy like I can’t move the pen

The pain is in the telling

Can’t lift my hand

Can’t lift my gaze

Swallowed crushed

You’re gone

You are

No more

Crushing lungs squeezing chest

I gasp I cannot contain this feeling

I miss you already. I miss.

You so much.

Know I love you.

Know I miss you.

I am glad you feel no more pain.

Missing you will go on forever.

Loving you will too.


© Jennifer Winterburn

3 thoughts on “Heavy like

  1. Thanks grumpytyke and Eddy Winko. I agree. The ‘Like’ word is a bit like the word ‘nice’ isn’t it? My dad used to tell me off for using the word nice when I was a kid, he said, there are so many better words to choose, nice doesn’t mean much. So we are becoming even less expressive due to social media. You have one choice, like or be damned!


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