Out one day

Alone always

The frogophant

Looked around dismayed

How will I meet

A friend with these feet

So big and floppy

Green and stompy

One great BIG hop!

There goes the swamp

One great grey hump

Amphibalump Pachyjump

Who made me

This wrong strange beast

Webbed with wrinkles

Trunk of green pimples

But I’m jealous

Said the little tick

Nestled by his ear

I think you’re a marvellous creature

Who else can hop

On land so far?

And swim so deep?

And crush a car?

And breathe through skin?

And suck things in?

And not forget

The smallest thing?

To listen to

A little tick

Who thinks you’re just fantastic

I hope you see

A small true friend

You have in me.

Frogophant smiled and

Stretched his trunk

Up to his ear

And told the tick

Well listen here

You live off me

An oddity

You cause no pain

And don’t complain

When I hop and crash and splash

We are not right

Both you and I

For we would make

The children cry

They would be scared

Of our strangeness

But some are stranger let’s pretend

So friends we are

And the best of friends

Because of our difference.

© Jennifer Winterburn


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