Five silly children

Five silly children

Climbed into a tree

Curtis, Jennifer, Melissa,

Callum and Bethany.


Curtis picked the apples,

Bethany drew a bee

Melissa sniffed the flowers

Jennifer hugged the tree.


Callum was the youngest

He was also very smart

He made a contraption

To burst the tree apart.


All the children went ka-boing!

High up in the sky

Just long enough

To feel like they could fly.


When they fell back down

Bump bump bump bump bump

The tree was back to normal

And caught them in a lump.


Softly in its branches

The children felt so safe

Let’s stay here forever, they cried

There is no better place.


And to this day five silly children

Still live up in the tree

Playing and caring for each other

As happy as can be.


© Jennifer Winterburn

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