There is a woman I love the best

She doesn’t like herself

She knows she should

She loves so strong

She is scared but won’t show it

She is shy but laughs loud

She is in pain and won’t flinch

She loves words and very silly jokes

She loves her family

She wishes she could feel love more

I look at her and all I see is love

A woman made of love

Who lost such love in her life

And won’t give up on love

Won’t ever turn her back

She feels she doesn’t deserve love

But she won’t walk away

Keeps hold even when that love may burn her

Cut her, bruise her, stab her heart until she is breathless

To feel such sweet pain is all she can do.

That is her life. She is alive.

I wish I could make her love herself as she deserves

But she is humble and sweet, gentle and too kind.

It is impossible for her to change

So I just keep loving and she keeps loving and nothing will change

But that’s ok.

I have the most perfect wonderful woman in my life

And she doesn’t even know it.


© Jennifer Winterburn


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