Head lice

Harold, Lyn and Gerald Price

Were sat watching cartoons one day.

Lyn accused Gerald of having head lice

And ran out with Harold to play.


Gerald got up and followed them out

He sat on the steps all alone.

Harold and Lyn whispered secretly

Pretending Gerald had gone home.


Then the front door squeaked open,

Harold’s mum appeared round the side

“It’s time for your tea” she told Harold,

Lyn started to feel bad inside


Sat back in front of the TV

Gerald and Lyn both felt shy.

Tom and Jerry were still fighting

And Gerald still didn’t know why


Why did he feel so angry?

Why did he feel so shy?

What made Lyn say those horrible words

That made Gerald Price want to cry?


Lyn got up from the floor

Where she’d been kicking Lego around.

She started to walk towards Gerald,

But kept her eyes glued to the ground.


“I’m sorry” she said “I was mean,

I shouldn’t have said what I said.

Can’t we just forget what happened,

And play and be friends instead?”


Gerald looked round all unsure.

What Lyn had said made him real mad.

He didn’t have head lice and, what made it worse

Was that Gerald knew that Lyn had!


Can’t we just hug and make up? She asked

Gerald started to feel really scared

“Let’s just go and play” he said,

“Head lice should never be shared”.


© Jennifer Winterburn


2 thoughts on “Head lice

  1. One of the great things about Winko coming to these gems belatedly is it brings me back to them (no, we’re not a double act but he is, of course, a tyke too). A question: what one word in this ditty tells you the person who wrote it was brought up in Yorkshire?


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