You burst of love

You burst of love

Shock, sharp, stung

From sweet sleep

You woke in me

All I never knew

All that was taken

All that had left

Suffocated so long

You breathed for me.

You are sunlight

Piercing, softening, stark

No shade to hide me

Bright white bleached


You dazzle and obliterate

Any sense of self

Into a fine haze

Of everything.

You are my fresh autumn morning

Nibbling my ears and

Pinching my cheeks

A gust of wind

Pushing me

Brown and red hair

Covers my eyes

You are a pile of warm leaves

Swirling around me.

You fit me like

A blanket of snow

Smoothing angles

Perfect, silencing


You soften and mould me

We tumble

You push I pull

We are dragged into the deep.


© Jennifer Winterburn


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