York Minster York Monster

York Minster

Hemmed in by its city

Howling at the moon

Louder than my Walkman will go

It is a giant edifice of gargoyle

All-seeing eyes

All-hearing ears

All-gnashing teeth

Thin skin stretched over sharp skeleton

Safety lies in the streets it remains prisoner

But imagine it on sunny green plains

Basking in too much space

Haunches relaxed

Licking its chops

If it were a dragon it could


But its wings are only on

The inside

Gazing out into all-man’s land

This vast industrial nirvana

But its heart can never be there

And so

It maintains its silent vigil


Waiting for another war?

For a Nazi to save it again?

Flattened buildings

No bomb will conquer this beast

And it will sit

Among the grounded rubble

Finally released.


©  Jennifer Winterburn


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